Born in 1966, Anne-François de Serilly made the choice at the age of 25 to wander off the path carved out for him and embrace the life of an artist. During his early years of training, he decided to study the paintings of the great masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. He would imitate their style with patience, mindful of making their techniques his own and perfecting the art of drawing. With the help of these masterpieces, he perceives painting to be a required school, in which each canvas is designed, well thought-out, leaving nothing to chance.

Armed with this invaluable education, Sérilly would go on to acquire many experiences and sources of inspiration. He returns to Europe after spending 5 years in Brazil, absorbing its bright and intense colors, and develops a passion for Russia. At the same time, he develops other preferences in his themes : the ambiance of the 1930’s, the world of games, dance and the circus arts, a fascination for fashion – and the list continues on with no end point.

It has been said that the work of Sérilly bears a certain resemblance to that of Tamara de Lempicka. The artist is indeed always in pursuit of geometrical simplicity and bold perspectives. We can observe a parade of bodies amidst an often carefree and light existence, as light as the draped dresses adorned and unadorned by enchanting creatures... Slit leather skirts, nude backs and stiletto heels occupy the paintings, offering mirrors and lipstick to the eternal feminine revisited.

Amid the geometric patterns which echo one another, between two parallels or in the boxes of a chessboard, the curve of a hip appears, or the roundness of a breast, a world where curves are mixed with straight lines. That’s what makes our heads spin and eventually knocks us off our feet.